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Warehouse Packer

Published On: 5/30/2019
  • Job Order ID: 695
  • City: Savannah
  • State: GA
Brief Description:

Full time position packing, scanning and weighing of packages in a warehouse environment


The Packager position is responsible for the physical packing, scanning / weighing of each customer package. Packagers handle the basic products and their transitions into packages. The position requires attention to detail as well as speed. The employee needs to take ownership of his / her function whether it involves assembling, packaging, or weighing/ scanning packages as well as be able to interact with a group.   Hours would be Monday thru Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM.   If necessary, weekend hours would be 8:00AM-1:00PM




Requirement Note

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:



Flexible Work Schedule

Reliable transportation





Tactical Work: (99%)


Will handle products, shipping containers and labels.

Confirm all products you are packaging match the labels you are using.

Using scanners (if applicable) in the department to accurately process all pertinent functions.

Confirming that all of the packages are filled accurately and sealed properly.

Sorting packages according to the shipment method.

General cleaning and organizing tasks.

Communicating any issues that may arise to your supervisors.

Assisting in the movement of all products from the packaging work area to the postal bin.

Learn new systems and processes as they are implemented.

Make suggestions for process improvement


This position is crucial to the fulfillment process. You will be the only employee to see and touch each unit of merchandise on the way out the door to end consumer. A keen eye and accountability is required.


Team Standards:


? You must always be on time for your shift.

? Everyone must work together handling different tasks to accomplish the daily volumes.


Universal Standards:


? Be alert and immediately report any unsafe condition in work area.

? Need to arrive to work on time daily, as well as all meetings.

? Keep your work area clean and free from unsafe conditions.

? Be respectful to everybody at all times!

? Be professional.

? Take care of all equipment and items.

? No food or beverages in warehouse area (except water in approved clear container)




? Follow all SOP's for the position and department.

? Follow all rules and regulations regarding the position.

? All training needs to be completed prior to starting employment.

? Continuous training will be required.


Educational Requirements:


High School Diploma or GED (Must be able to supply Diploma or Certificate)


The results, tactical work, strategic work, development, position standards and team standards described above are NOT inclusive. Additional duties may be required from time to time due to the need to respond to customers and to remain competitive in the marketplace.


Physical Requirements:



1% - 33% Occasionally


 Climbing/Descending Stairs




 Reaching Overhead


   Up to 10 lbs.

    11 to 20 lbs.




34% - 66% Frequently


 Bending Over


67% - 100%Continuously




 Reaching Overhead

 Fingers Movement Repetitive

 Repetitive Twisting or Pressure Involving Wrists, Hands

 Both Hands Required

 Both Legs Required



Years in Business


Candidates Hired in 2018


Sq Ft Cleaned Daily


Hours of Security Weekly