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Security Site Supervisor

Published On: 12/12/2019
  • Job Order ID: 547
  • City: Macon
  • State: GA
Brief Description:

Looking to hire an experienced Security Supervisor at a production plant, outside post, checking trucks in/out. Schedule will be Monday through Friday 7am. to 3pm.


JOB SUMMARY: Security Supervisor oversees that his officers are maintaining overall security of client locations by enforcing access control; observing, correcting and reporting violations of client's rules and regulations; performing proactive security patrols; responding to emergency situations; completing required reports; and performing other duties as required.


Essential Job Functions / Requirements:

  1. Be familiar with all duties and responsibilities assigned to your officers.
  2. Maintain frequent (daily where possible) contact with the client's designated representative to facilitate an effective flow of information.
  3. Maintain weekly contact with your Sizemore Manager to facilitate an effective flow of information.
  4. Maintain a weekly work schedule and ensure all regularly assigned officers are aware of their work schedule the week prior to the beginning of the schedule. Wherever possible, a permanent schedule should be maintained and changes should be held to a minimum.  
  5. Create / maintain an up-to-date set of Post Orders. Your Post Orders should clearly outline the duties performed by the Security Staff, including actions to be taken in the event of emergencies.    Either a "Pass-On" section or a separate "Pass-On" book must accompany all Post Orders.  
  6. Enforce the standards outlined in the Sizemore Security Officer's Handbook, the site Post Orders and any other written or verbal orders received.  
  7. Review and approve all reports and forms completed by the Security Staff.
  8. Two, unannounced, off-shift inspections of the Security Staff should be conducted each calendar month.
  9. Ensure that a First Report of Injury (Accident Form) is completed immediately whenever a Sizemore Employee is injured on the job.
  10. Follows established procedures to obtain external emergency support from law enforcement, fire and medical support agencies when needed.
  11. Prepares and presents oral and written reports.
  12. Adheres to all safety requirements of client and Sizemore, including, but not limited to, wearing of personal protective equipment (hardhats, safety glasses, ear plugs, gloves, steel toed shoes, etc.).
  13. Operates specialized equipment when trained and authorized (i.e. Closed Circuit Television Systems; vehicle scales, computer systems, etc.)

Requirement Note



Performs other related job duties as assigned.




It is essential that the Security Supervisor supports and integrates the values of the client and interact effectively with the client's employees, visitors, customers and vendors. The Security Supervisor is expected to demonstrate a commitment to service and professionalism through appropriate conduct and demeanor at all times.






High School diploma, GED or equivalent work experience.


Licensure / Certification:


Security Supervisor must qualify for state registration in those states where registration is required.


Job Knowledge and Skills:


Requires the ability to function effectively during difficult situations such as in emergencies. Ability to communicate effectively and demonstrate proficiency in verbal and written communication so that instructions given are clear and understood and reports are accurate, legible and complete.



Work Experience:


Previous experience in Security, Military or Law Enforcement is desirable.


Physical / Mental Requirements:


Work is classified as heavy in physical requirements. Requires the ability to lift / carry 50 lbs with some regularity. Work requires a high attention and mental demands, including the ability to prioritize and process information with accuracy and clarity. Must possess initiative and sound judgement in evaluating and reacting to situations under emergency and high stress situations. Work may involve the verbal de-escalation of potentially violent individuals or the confrontation of persons with weapons.



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