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Security Site Commander

Published On: 10/13/2019
  • Job Order ID: 398
  • City: Ellenwood
  • State: GA
Brief Description:

Seeking Full-time Site Commander in the Ellenwood, GA area.


Be intimately familiar with all duties and responsibilities assigned to your


Maintain frequent (daily where possible) contact with the client's designated representative to facilitate an effective flow of information. Never be hesitant to ask the representative for clarification if any instructions are not understood. Additionally, never be hesitant to ask the client's representative for their frank comments concerning how well we are providing the service they


Maintain weekly contact with your Sizemore Manager to facilitate an effective flow of information. More frequent contact may be necessary in the event of a serious incident or concern of the


Interview for suitability, all newly assigned officers. Ifeither you or the client's representative believes the new officer is not suitable for assignment, immediately contact the Operations Staff at your Sizemore office. Newly assigned officers are to be formally evaluated after 45 days of assignment and again at 75 days of assignment. Thereafter, evaluations will be completed annually. Copies of all evaluations will be forwarded to the Operations Section of your Sizemore office for review and inclusion in the employee's personnel file. A copy of the evaluation form is attached. (Blank evaluation forms are available from the Operations )


Few things build morale and team spirit more than giving recognition to deserving employees. You should recommend, to your Sizemore Manager, any officer deserving of special recognition, award, promotion, etc.


Ensure you have a minimum of one qualified company trainer who is knowiedgeable enough to present site training to all newly assigned officers. You are expected to create I maintain an up-to-date training checklist, which will help ensure all new officers are completely trained. Upon completion of the initial site training, both the company trainer and the new officer will sign the training checklist. Itwill then be forwarded to the Operations Section of your Sizemore Office for inclusion in the officer's personnel file.


Maintain a weekly work schedule and ensure all regularly assigned officers are aware of their work schedule the week prior to the beginning of the schedule. Wherever possible, a permanent schedule should be maintained and changes should be held to a minimum. On most sites, clients do not pay for all overtime worked. Anytime the client does not pay the overtime pay rate, this is considered "Non-Billable Overtime".

Non-Billable Overtime has a negative impact on Sizemore's operation. Non-Billable Overtime must be held to an absolute minimum and eliminated totally whenever possible. You will be required to explain all Non-Billable Overtime. As soon as you become aware that you will need a replacement officer (current officer tenders their resignation with notice, vacations, etc.) immediately notify the Operations Section of your Sizemore Office and request a replacement.


Create I maintain an up-to-date set of Post Orders. Your Post Orders should clearly outline the duties performed by the Security Staff, including actions to be taken in the event of Either a "Pass-On" section or a separate "Pass-On" book must accompany all Post Orders. The "Pass-On" section is to be utilized to record special instructions received and other information, which must be given to other officers. The "Pass-On" section must be read at the beginning of each shift to ensure timely dissemination of information. Ensure that all updates (for Post Orders and other procedures) are forwarded to the Sizemore office for inclusion in the client file.


Enforce the standards outlined in the Sizemore Security Officer's Handbook, the site Post Orders and any other written or verbal orders received. (REMEMBER: A leader who sets the example has a much easier time obtaining professional results from his subordinate officers.) From time to time it may become necessary to take corrective action to encourage officers to improve their appearance or job


All counseling sessions MUST be documented in writing by the supervisor conducting the counseling and submitted to the Operations Section of your Sizemore Office for inclusion in the counseled officer's personnel file. A copy of the Sizemore Counseling Form and Security Officer Discrepancy form is attached. (Counseling Forms and Officer Discrepancy forms are available from the Operations Section of your Sizemore Office.) All records pertaining to employees must be kept under lock and key with limited access. Security officers should not be allowed access to personnel files.


Review and approve all reports and forms completed by the Security Staff. (Standard blank forms are available from the Operations Section of your Sizemore Office.)


Two, unannounced, off-shift inspections of the Security Staff should be conducted each calendar month.


Ensure that a First Report of Injury (Accident Form) is completed immediately whenever a Sizemore Employee is injured on the job. A copy of the accident report is attached. If the injured employee requires medical treatment off-site, an initial telephone notification will be made to your Sizemore Office immediately. The written report of injury will be completed and submitted to the Operations Section of your Sizemore Office to arrive within one working day following the




Complete and submit to the Operations Section of your Sizemore Office, no later than 9 AM each Monday, the weekly payroll I billing sheet(s). The KRONOS call-in system is used at those sites where officers have access to a telephone for the purposes of clocking in and out. Kronos payroll is processed at the Division office. For those situations where the payroll I billing sheets are turned in prior to the end of the payroll period and changes have occurred, you are to call the changes into the Operations Section AFTER 9 AM AND PRIOR TO 12 NOON on (Payday is Friday; however, payroll checks are sometimes distributed on Thursday afternoons after 2 PM. In some instances, payroll checks are delivered to the individual sites. Ensure all officers understand they may not cash their payroll checks until after 2 PM, Thursday.)


Continually evaluate and make recommendations to your Sizemore Manager concerning the overall quality and level of service being provided by Sizemore, the accuracy and appearance of the Post Orders and any new vulnerability or other situations which could have an adverse impact on the overall Safety and Security Programs at your site.


Ensure that any vehicles being operated by Sizemore employees are properly maintained and not abused in any way. This includes the daily checking of all fluid levels, tires and lighting systems. All vehicles must be operated in accordance with State Law and client I Sizemore SEAT BELT WEAR IS MANDATORY IN ALL VEHICLES SO EQUIPPED


Equal Opportunity I Affirmative Action: Sizemore hereby reaffirms its policy to insure equal opportunity in employment for all persons and to provide, to the maximum extent possible, the same employment, placement, training, promotion and salary opportunities without regard to race, sex, color, national origin, religion, political affiliation, age, physical handicaps (except where age, sex, or physical handicap constitute a bona fide occupation qualification) or any other non-merit factor and to promote the full realization of equal employment through a continuing Affirmative Action Plan, applicable to each Division of the Corporation. A complete copy of Sizemore's Affirmative Action Policy C-7009, is on file at each Sizemore office and is available for any employee to read.


Sexual Harassment, in any form or manner, is absolutely forbidden. Violations of this nature will be reported to the Manager of your Sizemore Office immediately and an investigation will be conducted. Confidentiality is to be maintained. A complete copy of Sizemore's Sexual Harassment Policy B-6001, is


Gossiping, spreading rumors and other attempts at disrupting the workplace will not be tolerated and will lead to disciplinary You and your supervisors need to ensure that you do not divulge any information about other officers to anyone unless there is a legitimate need to know.


Sizemore Security is committed to providing a safe place for you and your officers to work. As a Site Commander, you are expected to help ensure that all subordinate officers exercise good judgment and common sense in their day-to-day work assignments. Horseplay and practical jokes can cause accidents and injuries; therefore, such activities are not permitted. It is imperative that all employees be alert for fire and safety problems. As the Site Commander it is your responsibility to train your officers in this area and ensure that these reports are passed along to the client for corrective action.


Public Relations: A pleasant expression and a courteous greeting help set the tone for how personnel will evaluate how well we provide our services to our clients. All officers are to be instructed to present themselves in a pleasant and professional manner at all


Safety: Sizemore, Inc. has a corporate wide safety and health program. Every employee of Sizemore is given a copy of the Safety Handbook that they are to read and comply with. At each site where we work, there are site specific safety precautions that must be adhered to. As the Site Commander, it is your responsibility to ensure all assigned officers are fully briefed on ALL safety precautions and procedures. Most clients have their own safety programs for contractors and Sizemore is contractor. Coordinate directly with your client representative to ensure our employees are fully briefed on the safety policies for their site.


As one of Sizemore's Site Commanders, you and your officers are a very important part of our overall service. When we work as a team and provide total quality service, we all succeed!


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Requirement Note



High School Diploma or GED


Licensure/ Certification:


Security Officer must qualify for state registration in those states where registration is required. State regulation is required in Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee.


Security Officers required to operate motor vehicles will be required to prove they have a valid state driver's license and provide Sizemore with a 3 year driving record.


Job Knowledge and Skills:


Requires the ability to function effectively during difficult situations, such as in emergencies. Ability to communicate effectively and demonstrate proficiency in verbal and written communication so instructions given are clear and understood and reports are accurate, legible and complete.


Work Experience:

Previous experience in Security, Military or Law Enforcement is desirable.


Physical/Mental Requirements:

Work is classified as heavy in physical requirements. Requires the ability to lift/carry 50 lbs with some regularity. Work requires a high attention and mental demands, including the ability to prioritize and process information with accuracy and clarity. Must possess initiative and sound judgment in evaluation and reacting to situations under emergency and high stress situations. Work may involve the verbal de-escalation of potentially violent individuals or the confrontation of persons with weapons.


Working and Environmental Conditions:

In the course of performing job duties, the Security Officer can reasonably anticipate they will be required to work both inside and outside of buildings and in all weather conditions.


Those Security Officers assigned to Healthcare Facilities can anticipate having occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens or other potentially infectious material.


 Sizemore is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.




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