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Security Officer

Published On: 2/8/2019
  • Job Order ID: 181
  • City: Atlanta
  • State: GA
Brief Description:

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Seeking Full-time/Part-Time Security Officers in the Atlanta, GA area.

Contact: Lotus Riche 678-472-2894 or Craig Moore 770-828-5818




POSITION: Healthcare Security Officer


Protects life and property of all persons on Hospital premises and patrols Hospital buildings and grounds to prevent fire, theft and vandalism.   Secures, unlocks and protects Hospital buildings.   You will respond to security needs of Hospital personnel. Officers work independently in accordance with the established procedures under general supervision.




  • Conduct foot (inside and outside) patrol
  • Conducts Vehicle patrol of clients property
  • Perform escort / courier of personnel,
  • Perform escort of law enforcement personnel for legal matters
  • Deliver subpoenas in conjunction with law enforcement
  • Conduct physical checks and investigate unsecured doors, gates, vehicles and buildings
  • Open doors, gates, vehicles and building for authorized personnel
  • Monitor/operate Closed Circuit Television (CCTVs), two-way radios, telephones, fire enunciator system, call boxes, and equipment alarms
  • Operate / maintain golf cart (refuel, preventive maintenance checks, logs, etc...)
  • Maintain assigned equipment
  • Complete administrative and security incident reports
  • Maintain daily event logs
  • Enforce parking and traffic policies
  • Investigate traffic accidents
  • Assist motorists with vehicle problems (dead battery, keys locked in car, etc...)
  • Investigate non-vehicular accidents (falls, slipping, tripping, etc...)
  • Perform package inspections
  • Secure and document lost and found items
  • Respond to and investigate silent and audible alarms
  • Request records checks with local law enforcement
  • Protect crime scenes until arrival of law enforcement
  • Performs patient watch duties
  • Perform preliminary investigation of criminal activity
  • Confront and detain persons suspected of criminal activity
  • Search persons placed in custody, when required for the safety of the person and the officer
  • Search patients that may be a danger to themselves or others as required by hospital policy
  • Assist staff in restraining confrontational patients
  • Respond to and monitor confrontational situations, de-escalate when possible
  • Respond to Emergency Codes
  • Assist Helipad Operations when requested
  • Sign in visitors after hours
  • Assist law enforcement and other duties as assigned.
  • Have dependable transportation and be able to be contacted directly by phone.
  • Lift a minimum of 50 pounds without restriction.
  • Must successfully complete an initial physical fitness test and maintain such physical fitness standards throughout the term of assignment.   For example: (6 flights of steps in 60 seconds or less while carrying a 25 lb fire extinguisher)
  • Must submit to, and pass, designated physical exams as required by the healthcare facility.   These include TB Tine Test and others.
  • Must attend Bloodborne Pathogen training.
  • Have normal hearing and eyesight. Must be capable of identifying different colors. Be able to work any shift, 24-hours per day, and seven days per week; or, if unable to work any shift, indicate what restrictions apply to your availability.
  • Have no fear or phobia that would prevent full performance of duties.   (i.e. fear of heights, deceased persons, etc.)
  • Must participate in training sessions and meetings when scheduled.
  • Must work in harmony with others.
  • Must possess good problem solving skills.
  • Successfully complete all required training, site-specific training and in-service training. Including but not limited to: OC, Handcuffing, Defensive Tactics, Environment of Care, and Verbal Judo. (WIN testing: Applied Math, Observation, Reading for Information, Business Writing)     
  • Read and comprehend policies and procedures / rules and regulations written or spoken in English.
  • Communicate utilizing the English language and interface effectively in a pleasant "customer service" tone with personnel authorized to be upon the client's location.
  • Possess patience, tact, cheerful disposition and enthusiasm; as well as diplomacy and professionalism when dealing with any person in the work environment no matter the circumstances.
  • Operate communication equipment that could include, telephone systems, two-way radios, paging systems.
  • Controls vehicle and personnel access in accordance with established procedures.
  • Performs walking security, fire prevention and safety patrols. Must be capable of long periods of standing and walking.

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Requirment Note



  1. May encounter bloodborne pathogens
  2. May encounter infectious and contagious disease
  3. May encounter threatening situations
  4. May encounter flammable explosive gases
  5. Works inside and outside in all weather conditions
  6. Works around moderate noise
  7. Extensive walking and standing required
  8. May be required to work overtime




Education from a standard high school or equivalent, at least 21 years of age, must possess a valid driver's license, good moral and ethical character as determined by a pre-employment background investigation.   Must possess good health, and pass criminal background check in accordance with hospital/state guidelines.  



Sizemore is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.


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