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Security Officer- Unarmed

Published On: 6/20/2020
  • Job Order ID: 391
  • City: Swainsboro
  • State: GA
Brief Description:

Security officers maintain overall security of client’s facility by enforcing, observing, correcting, and reporting violations of client’s rules and regulations; performing proactive security patrols; responding to emergency situations; completing required reports; and performing other duties as assigned. The officer is to observe and report any unusual situations while avoiding confrontation at all costs necessary. As seen on Indeed.com.


  1. Perform patrols every 2 hours
  2. Document check point stations
  3. Check hot work locations (identified by red strobe light)
  4. Document names and descriptions of people who are outside of their normal work area
  5. Document description and plates of trucks that do not use scales entering or leaving
  6. Sign out keys as necessary
  7. Lock gates on the weekends
  8. Lock shipping office on the weekends if no other personnel are present
  9. Verify that fuel logs are filled out and keys are returned
  10. Help troubleshoot scales as necessary
  11. Make sure finished products are not loaded into personal vehicles
  12. Make sure personal vehicles stay in designated areas
  13. Stay on site for all breaks and lunches
  14. Maintain a thorough log of the entire shift
  15. Submit log to shift supervisor at the end of each shift
  16. Leave messages for the following shift as necessary
  17. Contact appropriate personnel in emergency situations
  18. Wear proper PPE at all times (provided)
  19. Document PPE violations

Physical and Mental Requirements:

Work is classified as heavy in physical requirements. Requires the ability lift/carry 50 lbs with some regularity. Work requires high attention and mental demands, including the ability to prioritize and process information with accuracy and clarity. Must possess the initiative and sound judgement in evaluating and reacting to situations under emergency and high stress situations. Work may involve the verbal de-escalation of potentially violent individuals.

Work and Environmental Conditions:

In the course of performing job duties, the Officer can reasonably anticipate they will be required to work both inside and outside of buildings and in all weather conditions.

Requirement Note

Essential Job Functions / Requirements:

  1. Must be at least  18 years of age
  2. Must be able to read, write, and communicate in English
  3. Must be able to interface effectively in a pleasant "customer service" tone with any personnel at the client's location
  4. Officers must be able to pass appropriate criminal and work history checks
  5. Have reliable transportation
  6. Lift a minimum of 50 pounds
  7. Be physically capable of restraining an individual as an absolute last resort
  8. Have normal hearing and eyesight with the ability to discern colors
  9. Be able to work any shift, 24 hours per day, seven days per week
  10. Have no fear or phobia that would prevent full performance of duties
  11. Must participate in meetings and training when scheduled
  12. Work in harmony with others
  13. Ability to comprehend detailed instructions
  14. Operate communication equipment that could include telephone systems, radios, paging systems, and public address situations
  15. Perform walking security, fire prevention, and safety patrols
  16. Capable of long periods of standing and walking
  17. Run for short distances to respond to emergency situations
  18. Follow established procedures to obtain external emergency support from law enforcement, fire, and medical agencies when needed
  19. Prepare and present oral and written reports
  20. Adhere to all safety requirements and client and Sizemore, including, but not limited to, wearing proper personal protective equipment.


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