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Division Manager

Published On: 9/21/2020
  • Job Order ID: 1936
  • City: Columbia
  • State: SC
Brief Description:

Looking for a Division Manager in Columbia, SC. This person must have an award winning personality and great customer service to meet needs of current clients. 


Pay- $46K - $50K (based on experience)

Shift- Day shift

* This role will require occasional work outside of regular business hours as well as some regional travel required. 

As the Division Manager, you are responsible for the overall management and day-to-day operation of branch office. 


A monthly car allowance and quarterly bonus are included in this position. 


Client relations and satisfaction, office administration, purchasing, budget and financial management, community relations, regulatory compliance and other functions deemed appropriate.

Required Duties:


Read and become thoroughly familiar with:  

  • Policy and procedures manuals
  • The South Carolina Security Agencies Act  

Directly supervise operations and administrative staff


Understand the procedures and manage individuals who are responsible for all facets of Personnel Management, including:  

  • Maintaining a direct labor cost percentage at, or below, 71%
  • Recruitment
  • Screening and hiring
  • Training
  • Security officer registration
  • Annual OSHA training
  • Defensive driving
  • Supervision
  • Counseling
  • Terminations  

In coordination with the Regional Vice President, manage cost effectively.

Further efforts include:  

  • Establishing and maintaining a Division Marketing Program, including:
  • Maintaining a list of potential customers
  • Completing a minimum of three (3) potential sales contacts per week
  • Schedule of contacts with potential customers
  • Maintaining a wall posting of potential customers to be contacted
  • Making potential customer contacts
  • Purchasing advertising when required and cost effective
  • Preparing and presenting bids / quotations for services once reviewed by corporate management
  • Negotiating Security/Janitorial/Staffing services agreements approved by corporate management
  • Coordinating with corporate marketing VP as necessary
  • Budgeting for sales tools and promotions
  • Submitting monthly verbal / written reports of sales efforts.  

Managing the division's financial operating budget, including:  

  • Reviewing and approving each week's payroll submission
  • Preparing annual budget submission as requested
  • Maintaining a minimum 4% profit.
  • Reviewing monthly profit and loss reports and making corrections as necessary
  • Reviewing accounts payable report for accuracy and making corrections as necessary
  • Reviewing accounts receivable /aging report weekly and taking corrective action when necessary to collect past-due receivables.
  • Auditing payroll and billing reports to ensure accuracy and prevent fraudulent entries being made.
  • Conducting individual account analysis, no less then semi-annually to determine profitability.
  • Approving all purchases in accordance with Sizemore's purchasing policy  

Ensuring client satisfaction by:  

  • Monitoring of all permanent account start-ups to ensure quality, professional service is given to client.
  • Visit a minimum of three (3) current clients weekly.
  • Contact a minimum of three (3) current clients weekly.
  • Conducting surveys as necessary.
  • Ensuring each client has completed, up-to-date standard operating procedures on site.
  • Conducting a "Client Satisfaction Survey" no less than semi-annually; recording the results and taking any necessary corrective action immediately. Survey may be done in person, by letter or via the Internet.   Results of the survey and any required corrective action taken will be maintained in the client's file.  
  • Responding immediately to any client complaint and resolving the issue to the client's satisfaction whenever possible.
  • Making unannounced, after hours, inspections of client sites at least once per month.  

Manage the division vehicles among with operation managers to include:  

  • Ensuring all drivers have read and comply with the Sizemore corporate auto policy.
  • Ensure every company vehicle is inspected daily by the vehicle operator and weekly by a Sizemore supervisor.
  • Ensuring all company vehicles are serviced on a regular basis to gain the maximum life expectancy.
  • Budgeting for vehicle purchases when needed.  

Attend meetings and submit reports, including:  

  • Attend a monthly meeting and submit a verbal report including prior month's achievements and following month's goals.
  • Attend all scheduled corporate training meetings / classes.
  • Submit to the regional Vice President on the first and third Friday of each month, a two-week schedule of upcoming activities using the format provided. Report to include:
    • Names of clients to be visited
    • Names of potential customers to be contacted
    • Other significant activities  

Submitting other reports as required.


This list is not all inclusive.   Other tasks may be assigned as required.


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Requirement Note

Essential Job Requirements:  

  • Be at least 21 years of age.
  • Have a minimum of five years supervisory experience.
  • Possess a valid state driver's license and dependable transportation.
  • Have a proven track record of successful business management skills and productivity, including budgeting and profit and loss management.
  • Possess a college degree or other suitable experience that demonstrates an ability to lead a division with hundreds of employees, which operates 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

 Working Conditions:  

  • Majority of work will be performed in a climate-controlled building during the normal business day during normal business hours of 8am – 5pm. However, there are times when other environments will be necessary, such as outside, warehouse, etc.  
  • Must be able to ascend and descend stairs with no assistance.
  • Must be able to sit or stand for extended periods of time.


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