Security Site Commander

Published On: 12/29/2018
  • Job Order ID: 689
  • City: Columbia
  • State: SC
Brief Description:

Sizemore Security is in immediate need of a Security Site Commander for a Class A Building Downtown Columbia.


The ideal candidate will have at least one year of leadership experience. Fully understand the depth of Customer Service. Be Professional in appearance and must have strong leadership skills and have the ability to lead. The ideal candidate will also be detailed oriented and ready to act in case of an emergency. 


The goal of a Site Commander is to follow established policy and procedures, to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. 





Security Site Commanders maintain overall security of client locations by; observing, correcting and reporting violations of client's and Sizemore rules and regulations; performing proactive security patrols; responding to emergency situations; completing required reports; and performing other duties as required . 1 year of leadership experienced required.

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Requirement Note

General Job Requirements:


  1. Be at least 21 years of age.
  2. Have no convictions for any felony offense.
  3. Have no misdemeanor convictions for any crimes of moral turpitude.
  4. Have dependable transportation.
  5. Be professional in appearance
  6. Lift a minimum of 50 pounds without restriction.
  7. If prior military you must not have less than an honorable discharge. Copy of DD-214 must be furnished.
  8. Have   normal hearing and eyesight.
  9. Must have strong leadership skills and have the ability to lead.
  10. Have no fear or phobia that would prevent full performance of duties (i.e. fear of heights, etc.)
  11. Be willing to participate in training sessions and meetings when scheduled.
  12. Understand the depth of Customer Service.
  13. Successfully complete all initial training.
  14. Read and comprehend policies and procedures / rules and regulations.
  15. Communicate and interface effectively in a pleasant "customer service" tone with personnel authorized to be upon the client's location.
  16. Operate communication equipment that could include, telephone systems, two-way radios, and pager systems.
  17. Maintain a current valid security license (S.L.E.D Card)
  18. Performs walking security, fire prevention and safety patrols. Long periods of standing and walking can be anticipated.
  19. Responds to emergency situations in accordance with established procedures.
  20. Be able to run short distances in response to emergency situations.
  21. Follows established procedures to obtain external emergency support from law enforcement, fire and medical support agencies when needed.
  22. Prepares and presents oral and written reports.
  23. Adheres to all safety requirements of client and Sizemore, including, but not limited to, wearing of personal protective equipment.
  24. Operates specialized equipment when trained and authorized (i.e. Closed Circuit Television Systems, computer systems, body worn cameras etc.)
  25. Visit and inspect Site on off hours when needed.
  26. Must be able to follow directions and carry them out as needed.
  27. Maintain site schedules as needed.
  28. Replace "call offs" at sites as needed.
  29. Ensure time sheets are completed and sent to Division on Monday mornings no later than 0900.
  30. Answer and respond to client concerns.
  31. Accurately and promptly report workman's compensation and other paperwork/notifications as required.
  32. Must be able to communicate with officer's verbally in person as well as over the phone.