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About Us

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Sizemore, Inc. is the parent company of Sizemore Security Services, Sizemore Staffing Services, and Sizemore Janitorial Services. Our company is a leader in the industry of Total Contract Services.

The Sizemore, Inc. corporate headquarters has been located in Augusta, GA since 1955. We are proud to continue to be a privately held, family owned, business.

We have operated under the title Sizemore, Inc. Total Contract Services for more than 15 years. The vision was to create bundled services to include all three divisions of Sizemore, Inc. and with the commitment to leading the service industry, a successful Total Contract Services corporation was built.

Today, our company is a multi-million dollar corporation with offices located throughout the Southeastern United States which still operates on the principal that our employees are our most valuable resource. Sizemore, Inc. is proud to continue to be Leading the Industry Since 1955!

Sizemore Security Services

In 1955, Lt. Edward Sizemore, a retired City of Augusta police officer, founded a company called Georgia Merchant Police Association. Mrs. Thelma Sizemore took over the business in 1957 and in 1972 the renamed Sizemore Security International became a successful woman owned business. Sizemore Security Services is the foundation of Sizemore, Inc. and continues to be A Leader in the Security Industry.

Sizemore Staffing Services

Sizemore Personnel Service was founded in the early 1980’s and operated under Sizemore, Inc. The addition of a personnel service division proved to be successful in continuing and expanding our business relationships. In the spring of 2000, Sizemore Personnel Services was changed to Sizemore Staffing Services and has continued to enhance our customer driven management.

Sizemore Janitorial Services

The Sizemore family of businesses formed Sizemore Janitorial Services in Augusta, GA in 1991. The commercial and industrial janitorial service was a natural venture for Sizemore, Inc. In 2004 the Green Solutions Program was launched in response to the need and want for green cleaning. This program continues to be a success for the janitorial division.