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Security Training & Certification

Sizemore Security Services, in association with the Professional Security Training Network, has designed a training program to create a professional, highly-trained individual to meet the demands of today's security industry. Our goal is to provide each Sizemore Security Officer with the training and certification necessary to meet all State, Sizemore and Client requirements.

Sizemore Security Services Training Program

  • Basic Security Officer Training *
  • Site Training **
  • In-Service Training - 1 Hour per Month ***

* Basic Security Officer training hours may vary by State mandated requirements.
** Site Training varies according to the complexity of the duties to be performed, size of the facility to be protected, etc.
*** In-Service Training is strongly recommended for every site; the number of hours recommended may vary according to the various certifications that assigned Officers may have to maintain.

Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training is emphasized throughout an Officer's training as it is considered to be one of the most important skills an Officer can bring to the Client's location. Although we are prepared to respond to incidents that might occur, it is Sizemore's goal to prevent individuals with criminal intent from entering your facility and to prevent minor issues from escalating.

  • * Required