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Screening & Testing

Every effort is made to ensure that all individuals assigned to your facility possess no compromising situations in their past that make them undesirable to work for Sizemore Staffing or your company. Sizemore Staffing conducts reference checks, background checks and drug screens on every potential employee.

Reference checks provide valuable information about a candidate's work history and qualifications and should support the information supplied on the application or resume. Reference checks should also validate the information provided in the interview. We strive to provide the most qualified personnel to meet your staffing requirements.

We partner with you in the development of an in-depth staffing program specific to your facility. Our hiring and screening process helps determine the specific type of skills necessary to perform the duties and tasks of each individual job. Then our testing and assessments of candidates enables us to to put the right people in the right job the first time.

Sizemore Staffing is equipped with the latest technology available in the service industry to customize testing and selection assessments specifically for the positions at your company. Our Staffing Team is trained and knowledgeable on all of our testing equipment and software. We recommend and utilize three key testing programs: TalentQuest, ProveIt! and ACT's WorkKeys and KeyTrain.

By using Sizemore Staffing our customers have realized significant improvement and return on their investment with reductions in turnover, overtime, recruiting, training and production errors. Our methods are EEOC, OSHA, ADA, and ISO compliant.

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