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Sizemore's Staffing division is committed to delivering employees to a partner-company with the same goals regarding a safe, positive and secure work environment, In fact, it is one of the first standards we look for in a business partner. Our ultimate goal is to place each staffing employee within a position in the best environment, maximizing their skills and providing them with an ethical workspace. Fulfilling this goal maintains the tradition of Sizemore and its reputation for treating its employees like family.

Sizemore, Inc. has seen many changes since opening its doors in 1955, but one thing that has not changed is our goal of exceeding our customers' needs and expectations. We've learned in our 62-year history that all customers are different; they come in various sizes and shapes with different risk situations that must be addressed with specific staffing needs. We offer unique, individualized plans based on those needs to create solutions and programs for your specific site.

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