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Security Services

Industrial / Commercial Security

Sizemore Security Services provides professional security services throughout the United States. We have developed many standard and specialized security programs to cover an array of situations. This gives Sizemore the ability to offer a scope of services that will meet a wide variety of needs of our individual business partners.

Healthcare Security

The Healthcare Industry has many specialized requirements that must be met in providing security services for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. The Sizemore Healthcare Security Services Division has developed specific training programs for its Security Officers in order to provide services that meet the unique needs of the Healthcare Industry.

Maritime Security

Protecting our borders and ports against acts of terrorism is of critical importance to the security of the United States. Security Officers who work under the auspices of the Maritime Transportation Security Act and 33 CFR 105 have special training needs above and beyond that of the typical Security Officer.

Sizemore has recognized the need for such special training and offers our clients specially-trained Security Supervisors and Officers who have completed our Maritime Security Officer Training Program. Sizemore Supervisors who are selected for Maritime Security Supervisor training attend a training course given by maritime security experts who are retired Captains of the Port (COPT).

Individual Security Officers complete Sizemore's 13-part Maritime Security Awareness Training Program in addition to all other required security training. Sizemore Security Services has never been cited for any violations of the Maritime Transportation Security Act.

Residential Security

Sizemore Security Services is proud to provide services to neighborhood communities and personal property.

High Rise Complexes

Sizemore Security Services continues to meet the challenges of our growing nation. As America's occupation of High Rise facilities doubles every year, our security industry must incorporate the demands of our lifestyles. Specific training for the High Rise industry is provided to our officers as part of their basic training procedures. Ingress, Egress, Evacuation, Fire, and Disaster Planning are just a few of the procedures covered in our High Rise Security Program.

Crime Prevention Programs

Sizemore Security Services provides your community with a Crime Watch program that involves the residents of the community and provides a significant deterrent to criminal activity. A Crime Watch Program, enforced by our professionally trained Security Officers, provides your residents with the increased level of comfort they desire.

Critical Infrastructure and Sensitive Facilities

Critical Infrastructure & Sensitive Facilities, including governmental agencies, educational institutions, and religious facilities.

Public Facility Security

Sizemore has years of experience in providing security for public facilities such as coliseums, auditoriums, malls and sporting events. Security Officers are trained by Sizemore to the specific needs of your public facility with significant emphasis placed on customer service. Sizemore Officers are trained to be proactive in their approach to patrolling your facility.

Sizemore knows and understands that staffing at public facilities will fluctuate according to the events that are held. Sizemore is fully prepared to provide you with the temporary staffing needed to properly secure a special event. With all public facilities come large parking lots and decks. Again, Sizemore is skilled in providing security services for parking areas so your patrons will not have to worry about their personal security or the security of their vehicles while attending the event.

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