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Security Program Development

Sizemore Security Services has a team of trained security professionals who can come to your site and assist in the development of an in-depth security program specific to your facility.

A Sizemore team member visits your site, learns first hand what you do and what your business priorities are, verifies the potential vulnerabilities and then develops an outline of the security plan for your review. Once you have agreed to the outline, a Sizemore team member prepares a more in-depth security plan that describes, in detail, the recommended actions to be taken. Sizemore next develops a Security Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the site security team which documents their duties and responsibilities in clear, concise wording that is easily understood and updated. Once the program is approved and the SOP is written, Sizemore recruits, screens, tests and trains our Security Officers to the standards established in the Security Program that will meet or exceed your expectations.

The Security Program and the Site Security SOP are "living" documents that are regularly reviewed by Sizemore Management and updated when necessary.

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