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Welcome To The Sizemore Safety Zone

Sizemore, Inc. is committed to providing a safe working environment for all Sizemore employees. To accomplish this, Sizemore has established specific safety training programs to enhance safety awareness of our employees, including our comprehensive Fleet Safety Program.

Everyone at Sizemore, from the President and CEO to our individual hourly workers, is committed to the Employee Safety Program. The individual involvement of every employee is essential to the success of the program. WE WANT YOUR INPUT!

If you are aware of or suspect there is a safety concern in your work area, you must notify a responsible representative of Sizemore in any of the following ways:

  • Notify your immediate Sizemore Supervisor; or
  • Notify your Division Manager; or
  • Notify the Sizemore Corporate Safety Manager via:


Telephone: 800-445-1748 ext 2202

By Mail to:

Safety Director 
Sizemore, Inc.
PO Box 555
Augusta, GA 30903-0555

If you wish to remain anonymous, you may call the Sizemore Tip Line at 800-445-1748, ext 2218, and give us sufficient information to be able to identify the work site and the safety concern.

You always have the right to report a safety concern to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration at


Specific Programs

o Fleet Safety Program


o Lockout – Tag Out

o Fire Prevention and Safety

o Equipment Operation

o Forklift Operations

o Ladder Safety

o Hearing Protection

o PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)


Sizemore Safety Zone Videos

Sizemore employees work in a wide variety of industries, each with its own safety concerns. Here are a few videos to help you be safe, both on the job and at home: