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Janitorial Services

Industrial Services

  • Our technical employees understand production pressures. That's why so many industrial clients rely on Sizemore Janitorial Services to meet their staffing needs, from outsourcing an entire department to project management and supplemental staffing. For volume accounts, we place a supervisor on-site to oversee our personnel and act as a liaison between you and the Sizemore janitorial team.

Special Industrial Services

Sizemore Janitorial Services provides industrial cleaning customized for your facility's unique needs. A thorough inspection of your facility by our trained and professional staff will provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your cleaning needs. We have the expertise and experience to clean your facility during operating shifts or weekly, monthly or annual shutdowns. Sizemore Janitorial Services is committed to assuring you of top-quality performance without an interruption in productivity.

Commercial Services

Sizemore Janitorial Services has hundreds of employees who are trained in the commercial janitorial services industry. Our staff of managers and supervisors provide years of experience and thousands of hours of supervision every year for commercial business ventures. Our reputation is built on the delivery of quality cleaning - on time, every time.

Medical Services

Sizemore Janitorial Services is proud of the enhanced quality of cleaning it provides every day in the Healthcare industry. Our employees receive specialized training that meets or exceeds the compliance regulations of each facility. Providing an environmentally-friendly workplace with excellent customer service is the hallmark of our medical facility service.

Retail Services

Sizemore Janitorial Services provides complete facility cleaning and maintenance for retail stores in the Southeast. Customer Service is essential to the retail market, so providing an impeccably clean and safe retail outlet is our first priority. Our professional staff of uniformed janitorial and food service staff take pride in their jobs and that pride is delivered throughout your facility. Sizemore Janitorial Services is proud to deliver our highest standard of cleaning to the retail world. We provide a retail-specific training program to ensure our customers that the service level meets their business needs today and tomorrow.

Floor Care Services

Sizemore Janitorial Services has years of expertise in the floor care service industry, in which we provide unsurpassed performance and versatility. Our floor care services include a program designed specifically for your flooring needs, from hard wood, vinyl composition, ceramic, quarry, terrazzo or concrete. We use the industry's best floor care products which are carefully tested to enhance slip protection, slip resistance, and appearance.

Sizemore Janitorial Services provides floor refinishing with new, unique application chemistry and technology to maximize productivity and labor savings.

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