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Each school day 54 million students and 6 million staff members attend our nation's 120,000 schools. The most vulnerable population, children, may be exposed to polluted indoor air, chemical fumes and even poor sanitation. Research has shown an increase in respiratory problems among school age children since children breath in 4 to 10 times more air per pound than adults. School districts and even state board of education leaders have learned that how you clean can affect how you learn. More and more schools are switching to more environmentally-friendly cleaning programs. Introducing greener cleaners and effective Green cleaning practices will lead to improved health for a school's occupants as well as the environment.

Developing and implementing a green cleaning program in your school or school system does not have to be overwhelming or expensive. Our process can be accomplished in steps or in phases, with positive results at each stage. Let our team of experts assist you on the journey to green cleaning.

Why Green Cleaning in the Schools

  • Students stay healthy and learn
  • Protects the health of the school and custodial staff
  • Increases the lifespan of the facility
  • Preserves the environment
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