Employer FAQ

Q: What does Sizemore Inc. do differently from other staffing providers?

A: Sizemore exceeds what traditional staffing companies provide by managing your workforce from prescreening, behavioral and work skills specific testing to job-specific assessments and training, drug screens and background checks as well as options for on-site supervision. We have a process that manages your staffing requirements from applicant interviewing, job-specific training to long-term contract management with a variety of benefits offered to our employees performing jobs at your facility.

Our program is, first and foremost, a strategic partnership between your company and us. Our full-service, customized solutions will ensure your complete satisfaction with every aspect of the program.

We will work together on adopting a complete Policy and Procedure Manual, including an Orientation Packet and Safety Manual specific to your company. Some of the topics to be included are: Safety and injury procedures, Accident reporting procedures, Payroll and check procedures, Job specific responsibilities, Hiring and termination procedures, Unemployment and Workers' Compensation Procedures, Drug free workplace procedures, Weekly and monthly reporting and internal systems operation procedures.

Sizemore Staffing will: Accurately complete all necessary paperwork regarding verification for employment, Verify past employment, Verify criminal background, Schedule and conduct pre-hire screening tests, Schedule applicants for pre-hire drug screens, Process all new hires, Process and verify time for payroll and distribute payroll, Process and verify identification badges, perform employee status reports, exit and termination notices, Schedule applicants for interviews (if applicable), Counsel employees on attendance, performance and other issues, Schedule, conduct and verify employee attendance at orientation and safety trainings, Verify all new-hire dates, Perform all pre-shift verification duties and alert supervisors and client staff when someone is not present.

Q: Does Sizemore offer its employees benefits?

A: As part of our program we offer an extensive benefits program that includes: medical, dental and life insurance, 401k (with 20% company match). In addition, vacation and holiday pay can be designed to meet your company's specific needs.

Q: What is WorkKeys and how does Sizemore incorporate WorkKeys assessments and certifications into its process?

A: Sizemore, Inc. utilizes WorkKeys, which is a comprehensive workforce development system designed to assist in the screening, selection, promotion and training of employees. WorkKeys was developed by ACT, which is the largest independent, non-profit organization that provides hundreds of assessments, research, information and program management services in the broad areas of education and workforce development.

WorkKeys is a nationally accredited product currently being used in all 50 states. Individual states have programs utilizing three (3) WorkKeys skills, which is nationally called the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC). If you think of a skill set as a pyramid, with the foundational skills as the base, and the occupational, industry and job-specific skills on top, the ACT WorkKeys assessments help to establish whether officers at your sites have the skills to serve as the foundation for the higher-level skill development needed for a particular job.

In the hiring process, WorkKeys allows us the ability to determine the probability of a candidate's success rate as it relates to a specific Certified Job Profile. Because the core of our business is to understand what each specific job requires in order to ensure maximum performance before a candidate is chosen for a job offer, skill gaps that have been identified can be incorporated into the probation period and KeyTrain, which is the training component and assessment for the WorkKeys curriculum, can be used.

KeyTrain is designed to offer a pre-assessment process that allows an individual to determine in a short amount of time the probability of a person's trainability to meet the Job Specific Certified Profile. At the completion of the probation period, the WorkKeys workforce training portion will have been completed and that employee can be certified by ACT.

Upon completion of the training, ACT will provide the WorkKeys certification that this person has completed and passed the assessment as indicated, and that employee now receives a personal credential.

In the hiring process, WorkKeys allows us to determine the probability of a candidate's success rate as it relates to a specific Certified Job Profile. Should the candidate be chosen for a job offer, skill gaps that have been identified can be incorporated into the probation period. At the completion of the probation period, the WorkKeys workforce training portion will have been completed and that employee will be certified by ACT.

Q: What are the benefits of using WorkKeys as part of the selection process?

A: Our use of WorkKeys can deliver to your company a program department that has proven to Reduce Turnover, Increase Efficiency, Improve Production and Reduce Scrap all of which result in a higher return on investment for your company. By reducing turnover, overtime and waste, while increasing morale, it takes the guesswork out of your selection decisions, establishing legal defensibility in your selection process, meeting ISO 9000 standards and ensures quality business practices. You can improve the effectiveness of your training dollars, build confidence that skill levels are met, help determine areas for skill improvement and training needs as well as improve opportunities for career changes and advancement within a company.

Q: What are WorkKeys job profiles?

A: Job profiles allow us to accomplish the key task of job analysis, which assists in identifying the levels of skills that current and prospective employees need in order to be successful on the job. Profiles also allow individuals with a clear picture of the skill levels they need to qualify for and be successful in the jobs they want.

Profiling is an objective and proven way to define needed skills. A certified ACT profile meets all the qualifications for EEOC, ISO, ADA and OSHA compliance. Seasoned workers serve as subject matter experts (SME) as guided by the ACT-authorized analysts (Sizemore has two on staff) using a proven methodology. By profiling a job, or various positions for our customers, we can determine the level of workplace skills that it takes to successfully perform this position.

Job Specific Profiles are conducted by an ACT Certified Profiler and are used to determine the skills necessary to perform a specific job. Profiles are the propriety property of the company. There are approximately 300 Certified Profilers in the U.S., and Sizemore has two on staff.

Q: What types of placement services does Sizemore offer?

A: Sizemore Staffing prides itself on its full range of placement services and candidates. Our company provides Contract, Temporary, Temp-to-Hire, Direct Hire, and WorkKeys certified employee options to our customers. As a customer-driven company, we recognize that your time is valuable. We work with you to identify your staffing needs while simultaneously recruiting, testing, and profile-matching candidates to your specific needs.

Sizemore Staffing provides a comprehensive interviewing, testing, and evaluation process. This human resource function is the core of our business, and assures your company that the applicants who have satisfied our screening and testing requirements have met or exceeded the skill specifications defined by you, including all state and federal laws and regulations.

We offer a variety of services including: peak-period staffing, temp-to-hire options and on-site project managers, Contract Labor, including long-term assignments with 24-hour supervision is available as well. Sizemore Staffing also provides staffing needs analysis, professional, managerial, industrial, administrative, clerical and technical staffing.

Q: What is Sizemore's response to fill time?

A: Our average response time for submitting qualified light industrial candidates is usually 24 hours based on our methods and procedures, as well as contractual agreements. Depending on the location, position, and pre-established pre-hire requirements, Sizemore may be able to shorten this time period once a pool of qualified candidates has been built in the area. Our average fill ratio company-wide is over 90%.

Depending on the pre-hire criteria, such as the type of reference checks and drug screens required, we will determine what turnaround time is realistic to meet your needs. We would prefer a 12-48 hour turnaround time frame, but we also understand your needs may be shorter. Our local offices are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to your needs. A complete list of staff office and cell phone numbers and email addresses will be provided to your companys local management and supervisory staff.

Because of the cyclical needs of our customers, Sizemore can add temporary or contract employees to deal with peak seasonal changes and fluctuations in our customers' businesses. We understand fluctuations in our customers' business and for many years have been able to ramp up or down depending on those needs. For one customer's seasonal programs we were able to staff over 250 positions and open two offices in less than 30 days. These accounts grew to over 300 employees in 90 days, and we have never missed a fill. We added a third location for this customer and needed to hire over 80 employees in 30 days. Each of these accounts varies from 150-350 employees for six months of the year during their peak periods. We have had previous customers whom we had to staff more than 400 employees on a daily basis.

Our offices typically utilize one staffing specialist per every 2,500 hours for individual customers. Sizemore utilizes project managers for accounts that have more than 40-50 employees, depending on the needs of each customer. We also utilize on-site shift supervisors and/or project managers to assist us with day-to-day customer relationship depending on the volume of employees we are providing for an individual customer and our contractual obligations.

Q: How long has Sizemore been in business?

A: Sizemore Inc. has seen many changes since opening its doors in 1955, but one thing that has not changed is our goal of exceeding our customers needs and expectations. For a more in-depth look at our history, affiliations and management, please click on the About link at the top of the page.

Q: Where do you currently have locations?

A: We have branch offices in Augusta GA, which is also the home of our corporate office, Carrollton GA, Columbia SC, Columbus GA, Greenwood, SC, Macon GA, Savannah GA, Statesboro GA and Thomson GA. Combined, these offices serve more than 100 cities. In addition, Sizemore also operates Vendor on Premise (VOP) sites in Huntsville AL, Middletown DE, Jefferson GA, Richmond VA and Jacksonville FL.

Q: What does it mean when you say Sizemore will partner with you to reach all of your company's needs?

A: Ask us to visit your company so we can experience your work environment first-hand. This will lead to more thorough job descriptions and better employee matches. We will understand what tasks you want the temporary employee to accomplish. How quickly do you need him or her to perform those tasks? This will ensure your needs are met.

Provide us with feedback. Don't coach the temporary employee about his or her performance. Track performance and provide feedback directly to us and ask us to coach the employee. Replacing employees that aren't meeting the needs of the company. If one of our employees isn't meeting your needs, don't think twice about contacting us to have them replaced. Also, please do not terminate an employee directly. Simply inform us about the situation and we will take care of it for you.

Some staff members may feel threatened or become concerned that you're out to replace them with temporary employees, so create a positive work atmosphere by explaining to your staff how temporary or contract employees can help your company as a whole. This fosters communication and cooperation. We will be happy to come to your facility to explain the transition to the employee and share information on our company, our benefits, etc.

When an employee arrives on the job for the first time, be sure to give them a tour of the company. Also introduce them to co-workers and supervisors who can answer their questions. If you desire to make changes to a permanent status, or you want to negotiate rates, contact us directly and we will be happy to discuss the situation.

As one of the area's leading temporary staffing agencies, Sizemore Staffing Services can help you increase productivity and lower personnel costs through temporary or contract staffing.

By partnering with Sizemore as your staffing supplier, you'll gain consistency in service, quality, pricing, terms, and employee benefits. Working with you, we will determine your strategic direction and productivity objectives, and work together to meet those goals. We will be available on an ongoing basis to discuss concerns, changes, or enhancements to your program.